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What Material is Your Underwear Made From? Why You Should Care

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We’re not spinning you a yarn here, BriefBuy says….Material matters for men’s underwear!! Why? Because Materials have different qualities and that impacts how they feel on your skin. Material qualities also impact how they ‘perform’ in terms of keeping you comfortable, supported as well as dry and cool. That’s why we’ve provided this Men’s Underwear Material Guide, so you can learn about the different Materials and have the knowledge you need to select the best option for every situation.

We can just hear you asking, ‘what’s wrong with cotton?’ and our answer is…nothing. At BriefBuy we love cotton too, and think that it’s the standard by which other Materials should be judged. It’s just that today there are other fantastic fabrics for underwear, and to ignore them would be like ignoring the invention of smart phones. Ok, maybe that’s a bit overstated, but seriously, don’t let advancements in underwear technology leave your behind! Take a minute, use this Material Guide to check out the options.

Comparison of Men’s Underwear Material

Men's Underwear Material

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Cotton – Why it’s the Most Popular Men’s Underwear Material

Cotton is popular because it is soft, durable, breathable and widely available; additionally it is relatively inexpensive. All of this makes Cotton extremely suitable for everyday wear. Cotton is also good at absorbing moisture, which is a good thing in small doses. However, what’s not so good is that it holds moisture more than other Materials. The result…in sweaty conditions this creates a moist ‘habitat’, shall we say, next to your skin that can become uncomfortable and, in extreme cases, unhealthy. So, Cotton undies are great in almost every situation, but for hot, humid environments, or hitting the gym, Cotton is not the best choice. Cotton products.

Rayon – Soft and Luxurious

Rayon is a category of very soft luxurious feeling man-made materials (one being Modal) that are, like Cotton, sourced from plants…the cell walls of plants such as Bamboo or Beech Trees to be precise. Known for being ultra-soft and smooth, Rayons are also breathable and stretchy which makes them very comfortable. They can have different types of finishes so their feel can be like silk, or wool, or cotton or linen. The products BriefBuy carries are crafted in a silky and/or ultra-soft cottony feel. Now that you know this, when you see Rayon, or Bamboo, or Modal, think Silky, think Ultra-soft, think Comfort.

Modal – How Soft? Three Times Softer than Cotton

Modal is a type of Rayon Fabric that is Soooo, Soooo Soft! How soft? We’ve seen estimates that say it is 3 times softer than Cotton; while we haven’t independently verified that, it sure feels like it! Soft is only the beginning. Modal Material really does it all. It breathes, so it keeps you cool. It wicks moisture away from your skin and is quick drying, which keeps you dry and comfortable. It’s 4-way stretch (vs. the 2-way stretch of Cotton) moves any which way with you for all around comfort, and all around support. Additionally, most men’s underwear in Modal incorporate design features, like a contoured pouch, to enhance the support that Modal gives.

So, a long list of positives for Modal, but nothing can be perfect, what’s the catch? Modal fabric is pricier than Cotton, in some cases a lot pricier, even in the luxury sphere, but costs have come down recently so now we’re talkin’ affordable luxury, and BriefBuy has sourced some good deals, so take a look. Modal products.

Bamboo Silk – Ultra Breathable

Bamboo Silk is a type of Rayon, and the products at BriefBuy lean toward the smooth, sleek feel. Like Modal, Bamboo Silk is ultra-soft and it breathes, so you stay cool. It wicks moisture away from your skin and is quicker drying so you stay dry and comfortable. It’s 4-way stretch (vs. just the 2-way stretch of Cotton) moves any which way with you for all around comfort. Some of our Bamboo Silk products are crafted in a very thin, lightweight fabric which make them ultra air permeating and breathable. Additionally, Bamboo Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Bamboo Silk is pricier than Cotton too, but we’ve got good deals making this luxurious material affordable for everyday wear. Bamboo Silk products.

Polyester – A Miracle Fabric?

Polyester, a man-made material, is light, thin and very strong, as well as durable, supportive, moisture-wicking and quick drying, and that’s why it’s so popular for use in athletic wear.  It is also wrinkle and shrink resistant, and all of this makes it popular as a blend with other Materials for a wide array of uses. Polyester was considered a ‘miracle’ fabric in the 40/50s when was developed due to its wrinkle-resistance quality, which was unique then. Over the years Polyester has been improved to be more breathable and comfortable, resulting in today’s versatile fabric. Downsides? Even today there are still some types of Polyesters around that do not breath well, so moisture-wicking or performance are the magic words to look for when selecting Polyester products.

Milk SilkCool and Luxurious

Milk Silk is a luxury, silky material which is soft and smooth. It’s also as cool and luxurious against your skin as the name sounds. Milk Silk is a type of Polyester, often called Man-Made Silk, and yes, it is made from milk (which couldn’t be used for consumption). This sleek soft micro Material is also lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking and non-allergenic. Traditionally cost has been a negative, but now there’s never been a better time to try this fantastic fabric at today’s BriefBuy prices. Milk Silk products.

Silk – The Most Luxurious of All

Silk produced by Silkworms is the most luxurious of all Materials.  It is elegant, fine, strong, soft and shiny and feels great against your skin. While Silk feels great, it doesn’t offer great support, and that’s a big reason why we don’t consider it suitable for all day wear. Additionally, Silk is very pricey, and it’s a high care Fabric. Thus, since Silk is not practical for every day wear, we don’t currently carry any pure silk products. However, Milk Silk is an all day Material, and since it’s more affordable, it makes a pretty good alternative to silk.






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