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Mens silky briefs from Cool Cloze and Bamboo brands are crafted in Milk Silk and Bamboo Silk. You’ll love these advanced modern fabrics that are soft and silky on your skin, and are more breathable and affordable than traditional silk.

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Luxurious Silky Mens Briefs

Bamboo Silk and Milk Silk are unique fabric blends that are soft and lightweight with just the right amount of stretch all over, and that means they lightly hug you in all the right places and move easily with you. The briefs with a low rise profile give you freedom from excess material as well as sleek sporty look. And that’s just the beginning….

Milk Silk

Silky • Cool • Luxurious • Sleek • Lightweight • Air Permeating • More breathable and affordable than traditional silk

Bamboo Silk

Softer than cotton • Thin • Breathable • Cool • Ventilating • Quick drying • 4-way stretch to Flex Fit you

Milk Silk Mid Rise Briefs by Cool Cloze
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Fabricated in a unique fabric blend called Milk Silk, these mens silky Briefs by Cool Cloze are as cool and luxurious against your skin as the fabric name sounds.

Silk (spun by silk worms) is the most luxurious (and sensuous) fabric of all, but it’s not very breathable or affordable. Milk Silk’s unique fabric blend gives you that luxurious silky feel, great ventilation, a sleek fit, affordably.

These Briefs are super soft, lightweight and sleek. Smooth under clothes. Micro fabric is moisture wicking and non-allergenic. Contoured Pouch keeps you in place comfortably. Unlike cotton Milk Silk has a 4-way stretch, it moves with you for all day comfort. Key Features:

  • Super soft micro fabric is silky, soft, lightweight sleek
  • Mid rise 9.5 in.  (Full/High rise is typically 12 in.)
  • Contoured pouch keeps you in place
  • 4-way stretch for a personalized fit
  • Non-allergenic
  • 95% Milk Silk Polyester/5% Spandex
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Breathable 4-Way Flex Low Rise Sport Brief
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For all around comfort and breathability we suggest the Bamboo brand Breathable 4-Way Flex Bamboo Silk Low Rise Brief with the sporty cut.

This Breathable Brief is easy feeling, easy moving. Bamboo Silk is a Rayon made from Bamboo with 4-way stretch that is off the charts soft and very stretchy all ways. This allows it to hug you comfortably all around for a personalized fit. Cotton has only a 2-way stretch, so it doesn’t move as easily with you, plus Bamboo Silk is breathable and quicker-drying than cotton, and that keeps you cooler and dryer. Available in Trim or Relaxed Fit. Key Features:

  • Low Rise, side leg length 4″
  • 4-way stretch fabric is more comfortable than cotton
  • Breathable
  • Ultra soft
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Eco friendly blend
  • 75% rayon from bamboo, 20% polyamide, 5% spandex

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Classic Low Rise Sport Brief
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This is a Classic – sleek and lightweight – Low Rise Sport Brief made from Bamboo Silk modal, a modern advanced fiber.

BAMBOO brand underwear is made to be extremely comfortable. They are perfect for every season and are thin, soft, and designed to keep you cool. Unlike cotton, Bamboo brand underwear stretches 4 different ways providing comfort all day. The materials are eco-friendly and provide great support. Bamboo brand underwear is also breathable, quick drying, and provides a ventilating quality you’ll love. Available in Trim or Relaxed Fit. Key Features:

  • Low Rise, side leg length 3″
  • Highly breathable and ventilating
  • No pinch tag free waist band
  • All-day comfort
  • 4 way stretch
  • Ultra Soft on the skin
  • Softer than Cotton
  • 80% Rayon from Bamboo, 15% polyamide, 5% spandex
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Mens Silky Briefs in Bamboo Silk | Low Rise Profile

Many of our Low Rise Mens Briefs come in Trim or Relaxed Fit. If you want a close fit with more support go for the Trim fit. The Relaxed Fit will still hug your contours, but with just a little lighter hug and bit more room for a relaxed feel.

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