Mens Breathable Underwear

Mens Breathable Underwear. Get the best cooling underwear here.

Fruit of the Loom in cooling cotton-mesh • Hanes X-Temp™ and breathable mesh • Bamboo Briefs in lightweight, ventilating micro material • Nth Degree’s Relaxed or Trim fit Boxer • Cool Cloze in ultra cool Milk Silk, or super breathable modal or Bamboo Silk.


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Mens Breathable Underwear

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Breathable Briefs
Mens Breathable Underwear

Find Hanes Briefs in breathable blends plus Hanes with  X-Temp™, or choose the Fruit of the Loom Mid Rise Fashion Brief in cotton.

You’ll also find Briefs in fabrics that may be new to you — Bamboo Silk and Milk Silk. These materials are lightweight, highly air permeating and ventilating, and that’s whey we love them. Also, you’ll stay drier because they are moisture wicking and quicker drying than cotton; you won’t get swamped out in soggy undies.

Another plus is that Bamboo Silk and Milk Silk are great for traveling because they scrunch down well for packing. And, washing them on the road is a breeze since they dry quickly.

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Breathable Boxer Briefs
Mens Breathable Underwear

We’re stocked, and stoked, about our selection of breathable Boxer Briefs! Take a look….

Champion performance isn’t just for the playing field; checkout Tech Performance in soft, lightweight fabric, or the Performance Cotton, which is wicking too. The Hanes Performance Cool X-Temp® or Breathable Mesh will keep you cool.

Made from cooling cotton-mesh fabric, Fruit of the Loom Breathable Boxer Briefs come in a regular or short leg length.

The Cool Cloze Boxer Briefs are in ultra soft, lightweight, breathable materials – Breathable Modal and Moisture Wicking Bamboo Silk.

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Breathable Boxers
Mens Breathable Underwear

If you like the classic Boxer, you’ll love the Fruit of the Loom Tartan Boxer which is crafted in a timeless style, and the patterns are classics tartans. You’ll get a relaxed, casual fit, and these are in a soft lightweight cotton blend.

For a more modern approach, try the Nth Degree Relaxed fit Boxer. This is a new design in Boxers which give you the airy freedom of a Boxer with the support of a Brief, thanks to a built in suspension pouch. The pouch is in soft micro mesh and it provides exceptional air flow.

Nth Degree also makes a Trim Fit Boxer which is sculpted down, has less material, and that gives you a closer fit. It’s fit is looser than a Boxer Brief, but closer than a Boxer. Check ’em out.

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Mens Breathable Underwear

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Mens Breathable Underwear

Here’s what makes a fantastic pair of breathable undies

Mens Breathable Underwear Lightweight
Soft and Lightweight
Mens Breathable Underwear
Cool and Wicking
Mens Breathable Underwear
 4-way stretch fabric that’s more flexible and comfortable
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