Hanes Men's Underwear

Hanes Men’s Underwear

Hanes Men’s Underwear. Under jeans, khakis, sports or formalwear, count on Hanes to keep you comfortable, fresh and cool. Hanes, America’s choice in comfort since 1901.

 BriefBuy is proud to offer you this iconic line of men’s underwear.

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Hanes Men's Underwear Briefs

Here’s the brief for you….we have classic 100% cotton tighty whities, and we also carry Briefs with  X-Temp™ moisture-wicking technology. The Full Rise Briefs give maximum coverage and the soft ComfortSoft® fabric will keep you comfortable.

Need active wear? Head for the poplar Low Rise Sport Brief that’s built for strenuous activities.

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Boxer Briefs
Hanes Men's Underwear Boxer Briefs

The Hanes Men’s Underwear Boxer Brief line is packed with features to keep you cool, comfortable and fresh all day. Checkout the breathable mesh or any of the options with X-Temp™ for the coolest, driest fit. Hanes ‘comfort’ features like Comfort Flex Fit® or ComfortBlend® are designed to deliver max comfort, plus Hanes FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection will help keep you fresher all day.

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Hanes Men's Underwear Boxers

We got plaid, we got knit, we got premium cotton, all offering you the freedom and comfort of the classic in Hanes Men’s Underwear, the Boxer. The Hanes FreshIQ® TAGLESS® ComfortSoft® Knit Boxers are also available in 2XL. The Hanes Ultimate™ ComfortSoft® Knit Boxers are made from premium cotton and the solids in the pack are 100% cotton. If the 100% cotton Boxer has been eluding you, here it is!

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Hanes Men's Underwear Breathable

Breathable underwear is important at all times, not just at the gym. That’s because studies have shown that for most men any standard style of underwear is fine, as long as they keep you cool and dry. And, good news, we carry a number of Hanes breathables at BriefBuy. Look for X-Temp® which is the technology that Hanes builds into their materials to make them breathable. When you’re active X-Temp® adapts to changes in your temperature so you stay cool. Also look for Comfort Flex Fit® Mesh and Comfort Flex Fit® Cotton.

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Hanes Men's Underwear Cotton

Cotton. It’s the fabric we all know the best and trust the most. That’s why we carry a number of Hanes undies in cotton and cotton blends, including classic 100% cotton tighty whity Briefs. You’ll also find great choices in cotton Boxer Briefs, and many packs include solids in 100% cotton. Don’t shy away from the cotton blends, though. Blends can give you the best of all worlds; cotton comfort plus better wicking and a lighter, cooler fabric. And of course, we have the classic Boxer, in a cotton blend as well as cotton knit.

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All Day Wear
Hanes Men's Underwear Every Day Wear

If you’re saying ‘just gimme some everyday undies already’ here’s where you’ll find them. There’s lots of choice for your go-to everyday wear pair, from ComfortSoft® 100% cotton to the cotton blends ComfortBlend® Stretch, and Comfort Flex Fit® Cotton Stretch. Also explore the Comfort Flex Fit® Mesh and lightweight X-Temp™ Air which are built to be more breathable. Then, if you are looking for the best value, checkout the Boxer Brief packs that include one pair free.

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Why Hanes?

Hanes men’s underwear has several industry-leading features that keep you cool and comfortable

Hanes Men's Underwear Hanes X Temp

Hanes Vapor technology with X-Temp dries faster as your body heat rises so you stay cooler.

Hanes Men's Underwear Fresh IQ

FreshIQ odor protection technology helps underwear resist odor, and that keeps you fresher.

Hanes Men's Underwear Moisture Wicking

Hanes performance fabrics move with you and keep sweat away from your skin so you stay dryer.

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