Cool Cloze Mens Underwear

Cool Cloze mens underwear is styled simply, elegantly, and is crafted in light, airy fabrics — Bamboo Silk, Modal, Milk Silkto deliver cool comfort.

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Light, airy, breathable comfort | Cool Cloze Mens Underwear

Crafted from luxurious, trendsetting fabrics — Bamboo Silk, Modal and Milk Silk — sourced directly from nature, Cool Cloze mens underwear is lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

Modal | Bamboo Silk

Ultra soft. Lightweight. Air permeating. Breathable.

Cool Cloze Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs

The qualities of oh soooo soft Modal make it perfect for products that go next to skin, like luxury sheets, towels and even the softest baby clothes you’ll ever feel! So when you see Modal think…

Soft, Luxurious on the skin

That’s reality, and here’s more. Modal is also wicking, quicker drying than cotton, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Stretchy yet supportive.

Modal is a category of fabrics that include Bamboo Silk as well as Lenzing Modal, which is the fabric these Cool Cloze undies are made from. Lenzing Modal and Bamboo Silk, are super soft, some estimates we’ve seen say it’s 3 times softer than cotton. So it’s no wonder that Bamboo Silk and Modals make underwear feel like a regal experience next to your skin.

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Milk Silk

Cool. Silky. Sleek. Smooth. Lightweight.

Cool Cloze Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs

Milk Silk is a luxury fabric that’s soft, silky, cool to the touch, lightweight and sleek. This makes Milk Silk very comfortable, and smooth under clothes. Additionally, Milk Silk is naturally anti-microbial, giving it a check mark in the health department as well.

And, here’s the scoop on what’s up with ‘Milk’ in the name. Milk Silk was not spun by silkworms, it’s made naturally…from milk. At first you may think this unusual, but it isn’t really—it’s virtually the same basic process that produces cotton and many fabric blends.

Cotton fabric starts with cotton from the plant. That’s then broken down, processed, turned into a yarn, and finally spun into fabric. In Milk Silk’s case, the process just starts with unused milk (no longer deemed suitable to drink) which is fermented and turned into a powder. Then it’s heated, mixed with natural ingredients–no chemicals—then woven into cloth that is oh so soft on the skin!

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Boxer Briefs | Cool Cloze Mens Underwear

Softer | Cooler | Quicker drying with better moisture management than cotton | 4-Way stretch adapts to your contours to give you a personalized fit

Breathable Modal Boxer Brief | Cool Cloze
Cool Cloze Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs

This Cool Cloze Breathable Modal Boxer Brief is crafted from micro modal fabric, and is super soft, lightweight, breathable, wicking and quick drying. Key features:

  • Softer than cotton
  • Contoured pouch for support
  • More flexible than the 2-way stretch of cotton. This Boxer Brief has a 4-way stretch that gives you a light body hug all over so it moves easily with you any which way
  • 92% Modal/8% Lycra
  • Also available in Anchor Black, Shipyard Gray, Nautical Red
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Flex Fit Bamboo Boxer Brief | Cool Cloze
Cool Cloze Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs

This is where luxurious Bamboo Silk comfort meets style in a sharp Red/Black stripe. The Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief is ultra comfy and ultra soft. Key features:

  • Soft material breathes, cools, wicks away moisture and is quick drying
  • Bamboo Silk’s 4-way stretch gives you a light comfortable hug all around, to Flex Fit you
  • Contoured pouch for comfortable support
  • Short-leg boxer brief length
  • 75% Rayon from Bamboo/20% Polyamide/5% Spandex
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Milk Silk Boxer Briefs  | Cool Cloze
Cool Cloze Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs

As cool and luxurious on your skin as the fabric name sounds, these Cool Cloze Milk Silk Boxer Briefs are silky, sleek and lightweight. Key features:

  • Super soft micro fabric is moisture wicking, non-allergenic
  • Soft, sleek fit and smooth under clothes
  • Contoured Pouch keeps you in place
  • Unlike cotton Milk Silk has a 4-way stretch, it moves with you for all day comfort
  • 95% Milk Silk Polyester/5% Spandex
  • Available in a Longer Leg Style and a Brief
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Multi-Packs | Cool Cloze Mens Underwear

Cool Cloze offers Bamboo Silk, Modal and Milk Silk Boxer Briefs or Briefs in convenient and affordable 3 and 5-Packs.

Bamboo Mens Briefs

Soft | Lightweight | Breathable | Sleek Low Rise Fit | Integrated waistband | Seamless front back and sides | 4-way stretch for a personalized fit

Boxer Briefs and Boxers by Nth Degree

Classic Style | Modern Flair

Nth Degree’s mens Boxer Briefs and Boxers are the perfect fit for the discriminating guy who likes the comfort and freedom of a Boxer, yet wants the support and hipper styling of modern designs. The breathability of light modern fabrics. The support of a pouch design. Hip, but suave, patterns and designs. Key Nth Degree features:

Modern Modal Fabric

Crafted in super soft MODAL 40S fabric which is super soft, breathable, lightweight, wicking, quick drying, anti-bacterial.

Understated Hip Design

The colors and patterns are just a little bold with refined, understated styling. Perfect for a hip polished, elegant look.

Suspension Pouch

The Patented Suspension Pouch is crafted in soft anti-microbial micro mesh which delivers comfy support and superior air flow.

Trim or Relaxed Fit

The Trim Fit is sculpted down to just the right amount of material to give a close fit – looser than a Boxer Brief, sleeker than a Boxer.

Boxer Brief | Trim Fit Boxer
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Boxers | Relaxed Fit
Nth Degree Boxers at BriefBuy Shop Nth Degree Boxers
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