Cool Cloze Men's Underwear

Cool Cloze Men’s Underwear that Breathes.

Cool Cloze Men’s Underwear is a new Brand located near Chicago, that goes beyond cotton and polyester to bring some of the planet’s best yarn blends and new materials direct to your underwear drawer.

The Brand’s current line features Boxer Briefs and Briefs crafted in Modal, Milk Silk and Bamboo, all highly breathable materials. These blended fabrics are popular and well known worldwide, especially in Europe. Once considered luxury materials, they are now more affordable because of new fabrication methods.  All the materials are extremely soft against your skin, and also smooth and more supple than cotton because of a 4-way stretch (vs. the 2-way stretch of Cotton). Cool Cloze creates underwear that is sleek and comfortable under clothing.

Luxurious Comfort.   For Everyday Wear.   At Every Day Prices.

A great pair of underwear is more than soft, comfortable material, though. Cool Cloze completes the picture with innovative designs, modern styles, and thoughtful attention to the ultra-important elements of fit, support and stay-put properties.  All combined, this Brand brings luxurious comfort and craftsmanship to everyday underwear, at every day prices.