Bamboo Underwear for Men

Bamboo is a modern, happening fabric – for Men’s Underwear!

If you’re picturing tough stalky plants that Pandas eat, think again. Material sourced from Bamboo is super soft and silky on the skin. It’s also ultra breathable and it keeps you cooler and dryer than cotton. Bamboo underwear is a perfect fit for men.

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Why Bamboo Underwear is ideal for men

This fabric is so luxurious on the skin that it’s actually called Bamboo Silk. But this silk isn’t just for special occasions. Its awesome qualities make it perfect to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day, on any occasion.

Soft and Luxurious
Bamboo Underwear Soft and Luxurious

Bamboo is so popular for clothing these days because it is very soft and luxurious on the skin. It is also lightweight, breathable and stretchy and that makes this fabric very comfortable. Also gives nice smooth lines under clothes.

Ultra Breathable
Bamboo Underwear Ultra Breathable

Bamboo underwear is ultra breathable so you stay cool. It wicks moisture away from your skin and is also quick drying, which means that you stay dry. This fabric is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant.

Four Way Stretch
Bamboo Underwear Four Way Stretch

Bamboo material has a 4-way stretch (Cotton stretches only 2-ways) which means that it comfortably hugs your contours, giving you a personalized fit. This all around fit also means no pinch – this fabric moves more easily with you.


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Flex Fit | Sleek, Sporty Low Rise | Moisture Wicking
Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief
Bamboo Underwear Cool Cloze Flex Fit Boxer Brief

This is where luxurious, unbelievable Bamboo Silk comfort meets style in a sharp Red/Black stripe. The 4-way stretch of this fabric is what gives you the Flex Fit. Other fabric blends, including cotton, have only a 2-way stretch, so they are less flexible in moving with you. Then, there’s the stylin’ of this Boxer Brief, we love the Red and Black stripe; just a little eye catching without going over the edge — go on, be bold, get a pair. Key Features:

  • Bamboo Silk is soft and stretchy, and comfortably contours to you, to Flex Fit you with a personalized fit
  • Soft, light material keeps you cooler and dryer than cotton
  • Contoured pouch for great support
  • Short-leg boxer brief length
  • Seamless
  • Smooth lines under your clothes
  • Quick drying
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Classic Low Rise Sport Brief Assorted Colors
Bamboo Underwear Low Rise Sport Brief

This Classic Bamboo Brand Low Rise Sport Brief – in modal Bamboo – is sleek and lightweight with a sporty cut.

This Brief is breathable, quick drying, and provides a ventilating quality you’ll love. They are perfect for every season and are thin, soft, and designed to keep you cool and dry. Unlike cotton, this fabric stretches 4 different ways providing comfort all day. The material also provides great support and is eco-friendly. Available in Trim or Relaxed Fit. Key Features:

  • Softer than Cotton
  • Ultra Soft on the skin
  • Low Rise, 3″ side leg measurement
  • Highly breathable and ventilating
  • No pinch tag free waist band
  • All-day comfort
  • 4 way stretch for all day comfort
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Cool Cloze Moisture Wicking Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief
Bamboo Underwear Cool Cloze Moisture Wicking Boxer Brief

Bamboo Silk Boxer Briefs by Cool Cloze. You won’t believe how great these feel! The soft, comfortable fabric is cool and supportive, and it breathes, cools and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry–that’s what makes this Cool Cloze Boxer Brief a cut above the rest. Key Features:

  • Pouch specially designed for stay-put support
  • Unlike cotton, this fabric features a 4-way stretch…this means easy movement (and no binding) compared to some traditional boxer briefs
  • Seamless back
  • Side seams are flat and won’t chafe
  • The soft material breathes, cools and wicks moisture away from your skin
  • Smooth lines under your clothes
  • No Tags, no-itch
  • Quick-drying
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The Briefing on Bamboo Briefs

Softer, cooler than cotton • Ventilating • Lightweight • Breathable • Quick drying • 4-way stretch more flexible and comfortable than cotton

Trim Fit Bamboo Silk Low Rise Brief 
Bamboo Underwear Low Rise Sport Brief

The Trim Fit Bamboo Silk Low Rise Brief gives a snugger fit and closer support than the relaxed fit, but don’t read this as tight. Because this material is so lightweight, soft and stretchy it contours comfortably to you without pinching or binding.

This convenient 3-Pack is a great way to try out this fantastic breathable, lightweight fabric. Also comes in Crimson and Gray.

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Breathable 4-Way Flex Low Rise Brief
Bamboo Underwear 4-Way Flex Fit SportBrief

The lightly ribbed, ultra soft fabric of this Brief gives great air flow, making these cool and comfy all day. The Relaxed Fit gives a looser fit, but the 4-way stretch will still hug your contours lightly all around to give you a personalized fit, with light support.

This 3-Pack is a great way to try this fantastic lightweight fabric. Colors: Maroon, Gray, Moss Green, Midnight Blue.

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Bamboo Underwear for Men at BriefBuy

We strive to bring new options in men’s underwear to you, and that’s why we carry Bamboo underwear. We also strive to ensure  that you have an effortless shopping experience every time you BriefBuy!