So, you put off shopping and your undies are fast approaching rag status.

We built for shoppers like you. You know exactly what you want, and you want a fast, no hassle way to buy.

Why choose the painful way to shop

  • Drive to the store

    How far is the store?

  • Deal with traffic

    Don’t lose your cool!

  • Navigate miles of aisles

    Half your day is already wasted!

  • Hunt and Peck through poorly organized shelves and racks

    Even more searching for the correct pair of undies..

  • Wait in line

    Finally choose your undies, just to wait in line!

  • Deal with traffic... again

    Great more traffic all the way back home..

When you can — BriefBuy!

  • Pick it

    Choose your undies!

  • Click it

    Click your size and color and fill out your details.

  • Get it!

    Receive your undies in the mail! It’s that easy!

So now you have it. Trusted Brands. Simplified shopping. Quick shop navigation — done in a jiffy. It’s never been easier to ditch your rags!

We, the people behind, have spent our careers in consulting, helping our clients create effective strategies and campaigns selling a variety of different products to consumers.

So, it’s sort of ironic that we really don’t like shopping for ourselves at all, especially for underwear. It’s too painful. Either we are faced with endless choice (read endless scrolling) online, or, at the dwindling number of bricks and mortar stores, the displays are often disorganized, or there’s not much choice at all, or, after spending time wading through everything to find the right style and color, none in my size! Groan. How, we wondered, can shopping for underwear be such a painful process?

That’s why we launched–to deliver a fast, painless way to buy online, starting with men’s underwear. You’ll find a range of choice that’s manageable, and a simple, fast, streamlined shopping process.

We’ve worked for some of the biggest Corporations in America, but we’re glad that we are now working directly for you. Thanks for trying us on—er— out. We appreciate your business. is owned and operated by READY TO BUY, LLC.