Private: Cool Cloze Milk Silk 1pk Boxer Brief




Cool Cloze Milk Silk Boxer Briefs are sleek and lightweight. Fabricated in a unique material blend called Milk Silk, they are as cool and luxurious against your skin as the fabric name sounds. You’ll get a soft, sleek fit. Contoured Pouch keeps you in place comfortably. Super soft micro fabric is lightweight, moisture wicking and non-allergenic. Unlike cotton Milk Silk has a 4-way stretch, it moves with you for all day comfort. Mid Rise. This is a must try Boxer Brief.

Cool Cloze Milk Silk Boxer Briefs (Trunk – Short Leg Boxer Brief) 

  • Mid rise 9.5 in.  (Full/High rise is typically 12 in.)
  • Trunk – Short Leg Boxer Brief
  • Contoured pouch
  • Flat seams
  • Wide, comfortable, stretchable waistband
  • Tag free
  • Flyless
  • Light feel
  • Super soft micro fabric is lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Milk Silk moves with you for all day comfort, since unlike cotton, this material has 4-way stretch
  • No Tags means no itch
  • Pouch design keeps you in place
  • All day comfort
  • Non-allergenic
  • 95% Milk Silk Polyester/5% Spandex

Milk Silk is a luxury, silk-like fabric made naturally…from milk.  At first you may think this unusual, but it isn’t really—it’s virtually the same basic process that produces cotton and many fabric blends. Firstly source material is broken down into a liquid or pulp, then processed, then turned into a yarn, and then finally spun into fabric. In Milk Silk’s case, the process just starts with unused milk (no longer fit for consumption) which is fermented and turned into a powder.  Then it’s heated, mixed with natural ingredients–no chemicals—then woven or knitted into cloth that is oh so soft on the skin! Not only is it ultra soft, it is also eco-friendly, and naturally anti-microbial as well. At BriefBuy luxury doesn’t mean expensive, and that means we can brings this soft, comfortable, innovative material to you at affordable prices.

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