Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief

Red/Black Stripe only

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Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief where luxurious, unbelievable Bamboo Silk comfort meets style in a sharp Red and Black stripe. Bamboo Silk is soft, stretchy, breathable and wicking. It also has a 4-way stretch to it, which means that it and gives you a light comfortable hug all around and can move all ways with you. That’s what gives you the Flex Fit. Other fabric blends, including cotton, have only a 2-way stretch, so they are less flexible in moving with you. Then, there’s the stylin’ of this Boxer Brief, we love the Red and Black stripe; just a little eye catching without going over the edge — go on, be bold, get a pair.

Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief  (Trunk – Short Leg Boxer Brief) 

  • Trunk – Short Leg Boxer Brief
  • Bamboo Silk is soft and stretchy, and gives you a light comfortable hug all around, to Flex Fit you
  • Fabric features a 4-way stretch which means that it can move all ways with you (and no binding) compared to the 2-way stretch of some types of cotton
  • Soft material breathes, cools and wicks away moisture
  • Contoured pouch area means you get good support
  • Short-leg boxer brief length
  • Seamless
  • Smooth, integrated waistband is comfortable and has nice stretch to it
  • Flyless front
  • Smooth lines under your clothes
  • No Tags for no-itch, all day comfort
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Red and Black stripe adds a bit of pizzazz!
  • 75% Rayon sourced from Bamboo/20% Polyamide/5% Spandex

Bamboo Silk

Bamboo evokes cool, clean, quiet and pure…now you can add soft—incredibly soft—to that list. So, what makes Bamboo Silk fabrics so soft? Without getting too technical, Bamboo grows up, gets whacked down then turned into a soupy pulp.  From this pulp, a yarn is born.  It’s a Rayon yarn and Rayon is any fiber that is extracted from plants.  Rayon yarn sourced from Bamboo is really soft and comfortable, and is often referred to as man-made silk because it has that feeling of ‘aaahhh’ next to your skin. The end result: Rayon sourced from Bamboo makes a super nice pair of underwear.  Visit our Material Guide to compare Cool Cloze Flex Fit Bamboo Silk Boxer Brief fabrics.

Stylish Look, Fabulous Fit.  A totally luxurious feeling that’s practical and affordable. This is definitely not your father’s itchy underwear—get it now!