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BriefBuy goes beyond the expected. We bring you traditional options as well as new trends in men’s underwear. You’ll find trusted Brands you know, plus exciting new Brands with awesome new styles and fabrics — Explore — Maybe you’ll find a new fave.


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Why bother trying new underwear options when, if you’re like a lot of guys we know, you think the cotton undie style you’ve been wearing since high school is still working for you? Because new designs and new fabrics, like Modals, Bamboo Silk, Milk Silk, are more comfortable in a variety of ways. Compared to traditional and cotton underwear these new options are:

  • Softer, soo soft baby clothes are made from Modals — definitely soft enough for the boys
  • Cooler and lighter weight
  • Quicker drying and have better moisture management, so you won’t get swamped out in soggy undies
  • Stretchy and flexible so they fit better. Traditional underwear attempts to fit you based on standard sizes of S-4XL, but this only approximates your real size. The 4-Way stretch of these new materials comfortably stretches around your contours which creates a personalized fit for you

If you keep buying the same old thing, you’ll never experience all this comfort. So try a pair from the Cool Cloze Bamboo Silk, Modal or Milk Silk collection. Also checkout Bamboo low rise Briefs.

For Boxers, take a look at Nth Degree’s modern design which gives you the freedom of a Boxer with the support of a Brief. Learn more about all the new Trendsetters, or….

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In addition to ‘standard’ style Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Boxers, you’ll also find options in leg length as well as Rise – full, mid and low. Rise determines how much coverage you get. To learn about Rise visit our Style Guide. Shop by style:

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Learn more about Cool Cloze, Nth Degree and Bamboo here.


Featured Brand – Trendsetters by New Men’s Brand Cool Cloze

These Cool Cloze Boxer Briefs are made from fantastic fabrics which are ultra soft, lightweight, highly breathable, ultra comfortable. Experience the Cool Cloze comfort – try one.


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We at BriefBuy are dedicated to giving you choices from the traditional as well as the new genres of men’s undies. That’s why we go beyond the expected to bring you Men’s Underwear from exciting new brands, in awesome new styles and fabrics. And, we strive to ensure that you have an effortless shopping experience every time you BriefBuy!

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